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Metallic & Pastel Latex Balloons for Party Decorations – Party Supply – Blue Metallic – 25 pcs

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CherishX Assorted Metallic Balloons Mix of Super Large and Medium Balloons. Best for any type of Decoration.

Size :12 inches approx diameter when blown.

  • WHAT WILL YOU GET: 25 Pcs or 50 Pcs with your chosen color. Metallic Balloons for your Beautiful Decoration. You can Fill the Balloons with Air or Helium.
  • You can choose among the following colors:
    • Blue Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Golden Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Green Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Golden and Blue Colour Latex Balloon
    • Multi Colour Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Golden and Silver Colour Metallic  Latex Balloon
    • Blue and Silver Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Pink and Purple Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Golden and Purple Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Rose Gold Metallic  Latex Balloon
    • Golden and Pink Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Rose Gold and Blue Colour Metallic  Latex Balloon
    • Pink Metallic  Latex Balloon
    • Silver Metallic  Latex Balloon
    • Rose Gold and Silver Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Pink and Blue Colour  Latex Balloon
    • Pink and Silver Colour Latex Balloon
    • Purple Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Black Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Red Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Meganta Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Yellow Metallic Latex Balloon
    • White Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Black Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Brown Non Metallic Balloon Latex Balloon
    • Dark Blue Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Light Blue Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Dark Green Non Metallic Balloon Latex Balloon
    • Light Green Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Orange Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Pink Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Red Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • White Non Metallic Balloon  Latex Balloon
    • Yellow Non Metallic Latex Balloon
    • Blue Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Green Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Grey Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Light Green Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Light Purple Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Orange Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Peach Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Pink Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Purple Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Red Pastel Latex Balloon
    • Yellow Pastel Latex Balloon
  • HOW TO FILL WITH: Balloons can be Filled with Air or Helium. These Metallic Balloons Birthday/ Metallic Birthday Balloons Filled with Air will stay full for up to 72 Hours, While with Helium will stay full for 3-6 Hours. Ideal Metallic Balloon Decorations for Party
  • APPLICATIONS: These Metallic Party Balloons, Helium Balloons, Birthday Balloons Metallic Baby Shower Balloons are Perfect Metallic Decor/Metallic Party Decorations
  • ATTENTION & WARNING: Certain Color Difference Occurs after Inflation, but the Color Effect will be Better. Please DO NOT Overfill the Metallic Balloons/ Balloons Metallic and also Avoid Sunburn, Overheat, Pointed object and Excessive Friction. Strong Wind or over clap may cause Popping. Color May slightly Vary from the Image.
  • Usage and occasions: Superior quality balloons from CherishX are suitable for all kinds of occasions like Party decoration, Birthday decoration balloons, Baby shower decoration, Anniversary decoration, Office party decoration, 1st Birthday, Birthday theme decorations like Princess theme and all such occasions. Balloons bring joy and vibrancy to any celebration.

You can also buy Balloon Pump, Confetti Balloons, ribbons, foil curtains etc. from our store.

Premium quality metallic and latex balloons with different color options and pack size.

Our balloons can be used to decorate unicorn parties, unicorn birthday parties, rainbow birthday parties, showers, bridal showers, rainbow parties etc.

It will make your party full of balloons and the most exciting party accessories!

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